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5 out of 5 stars based on 626 reviews.

Patient Review By Isra S

Great experience getting my wisdom teeth out! So fast and easy procedure.

- Isra S

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Patient Review By Tristan W

This morning I had 4 teeth pulled and 1 cut out (5 teeth in total). He wrote me a script for extra strength Ibuprofen (which I thought would not be enough for the pain) I was completely wrong. I requested "local" numbing. It has nearly 12 hours since the surgery. I havent taken and Ibuprofen in over 10 hours. I feel very little pain or discomfort to the point I dont think I need the ibuprofen. The local numbing subsided approximately 3 hours after surgery. He was very professional, and genuinely cared about patient comfort during the extraction process. It was not cheap but it was well worth it. 10/10 would recommend. Far better than all other oral surgeons I have visited in the past. Ps. Thank you for your military service Dr. Culbreath

- Tristan W

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Patient Review

Great experience , on time and very professional. War Eagle

- Anonymous

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Patient Review By Kenya A

My husband came to Dr. Haley a few months ago, and he talked so highly of him. So I decided to come to him also, Dr.Haley is amazing 10/10 would definitely recommend him to anyone .He make you feel comfortable while doing the procedure, His staff is also friendly as well!

- Kenya A

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Patient Review By Daniel S

Had 2 teeth extracted and I had requested to be put to sleep due to some anxiety and Dr.Haley suggested I just do some gas he assured me there would be no pain and save me some money if I wanted to try it so I did and I didn't feel anything so It's not all about the money here Dr.Haley and his staff care about your well being

- Daniel S

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Patient Review By Jessica J

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and everyone was helpful and friendly, and I had minimal pain and no complications. Highly recommend!

- Jessica J

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Patient Review By Alix

Cannot say enough good things about Dr Haley for taking care of me today. 10/10 recommend this office if you ever need them. They took my wisdom teeth out years ago(during the 2010 May flood to be exact lol). And the whole office staff was wonderful from start to finish. He talked me through the whole procedure and checked on me through each step. He is also super funny and sarcastic and I felt comfortable being my normal “chippy” self as he called it and talked smack right back to him His assistant Destiny was great and I would totally recommend them to anyone. Obviously oral surgery isn’t fun, but it was quick, painless, and as easy as it could possibly be. Will definitely use this office if I ever need oral surgery services in the future.

- Alix

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Patient Review By Jillian C

I am very pleased with Dr. Spencer Haley. He did a great job, not to mention I was in and out within 45 minutes! Super nice staff.

- Jillian C

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Patient Review By Crystal L

Dr. Haley removed 3 of my wisdom teeth at the same time. He and his staff were amazing and super comforting and gentle. I had zero swelling and no dry sockets.

- Crystal L

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Patient Review By Alexandra S

Dr. Haley’s attention to detail and compassion is superb! I was really nervous, but he made me feel more comfortable. Thank you, Dr. Haley! His staff is very kind and helpful.

- Alexandra S

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